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We call the scientific community to propose experiments to be performed by the Beresheet2 mission. The experiments will be carried on either the orbiter or the landers according to the description in the following section.

SpaceIL hereby calls on the scientific community to propose scientific experiments to be performed as part of the Beresheet2 lunar mission.

Call for for proposals

 Scientific Experiments for Beresheet2 Lunar Mission

SpaceIL is a non-profit organization acting to promote science and scientific education. In April 2019 it led Israel to be the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon and became the first world-wide non-government organization to carry out a lunar mission. Despite the failure in the final stage, Beresheet’s journey excited millions in Israel and abroad and is an inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs, scientists, and dreamers. SpaceIL has recently launched the Beresheet2 program in parallel to its broad continuous educational activities.

The Beresheet2 lunar mission raises the bar for complexity and daring substantially and was designed after in-depth investigation and study of all aspects of the Beresheet1 lunar mission.
The Beresheet2 mission involves an integrated system of 3 spacecrafts:

• Orbiter (“Mothership”): Intended to orbit the moon for several years and to be used for scientific experiments and educational activities with youth in Israel and around the world.
• Two landers: Intended to land at different sites on the moon, with the objective of deploying one lander on the near side of the moon and one on the far side.

About SpaceIL

About Beresheet2

Call for proposals

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